Welcome to my Blog

Hi Everyone

Welcome to my blog. I will be updating this with pictures, explanations and step by step guides of my latest Guitar Projects

I’ve been playing guitar now for 10 years. It has really become my passion. Not just playing, but learning the ins-and-outs of the electric guitar – everything from the electrics to re-finishing paint jobs, and from carving out new guitar shapes from planks to putting together DIY kits.

I made the step from playing guitar to customising my own when I was 17/18. I bought a start copy with the intention of painting it. I was heavily into Cream at the time and Eric Clapton’s SG was my dream guitar, so I bought this strat knowing full well I would sand off the (really nice) sunburst and get my paint brushes out.

From then on I have become a bit more ambitious with my projects still learning along the way.  I am sure more experienced guitar builders will spot a lot of mistakes, and I’d be interested to hear of any tips you may have!

Enjoy the blog!


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