Step by Step Guitar Building 2 – routing out the neck pocket

This step tested my routing skills. Having never routed anything before, this had to be done accurately so the neck slots in snug so I took my sweet time with it.

I placed the neck on my guitar body, lined it up where I wanted it and drew the outline as a guide for my routing.

Unfortunately there aren’t any photos of the actual process but just remember to take your time so you don’t rush around the parameter of the neck socket. Remember, it has to be a snug fit and the neck should be touching the body on all sides of the neck pocket.

Consider how deep you want the neck pocket to be i.e. how high the strings are going to be above the body and adjust the router accordingly so it doesn’t go any deeper.

Here’s the end result:

IMG_0273 IMG_0274 IMG_0275 IMG_0270

I was pretty chuffed at this stage. First time routing and got it looking ok. You can actually see in the bottom left photo that the neck isn’t lined up perfectly. It is at a very slight angle, but this does not affect it all, it is just aesthetic and I think I got away with it this time as it is pretty close!

You can see that the neck pocket goes up quite long and goes high up the neck. I later corrected this and you’ll see an update on that in a later blog entry.


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