Step by Step Guitar Build 4 – Tailpiece / whammy bar and electronics socket

So, after the failure of the Les Paul style bridge piece I decided to improvise and found a cheap whammy bar that just screws into the body to use as a tailpiece. Much easier option and looks pretty badass too.


And there you have it. Really taking shape at this point! Not much to say about the process really. Just make sure it lines up. Use a piece of thread to guide through the holes, over the bridge and lined up with the neck.

So, next I tackled the electronics pocket.


You can see that I carved out an electronics pocket similar to that of a Les Paul with a strat-esque wiring system. I simply used a router for this, and for the outer bit, where the cover slots into, just adjust the depth of the router and go over it. I did it in reverse. It is probably a better idea to route the whole area just the depth of the pickup cover, and then go deeper for the actual cavity.

This was quite a hard step. Not the routing ,that wasn’t too bad though my job is really scruffy. The capacitors for the volume and tone controls were to go through the guitar, and the switch as well. The potentiometers was a simple job, just using an electric drill. The switch required some craftsmanship which I confess was above my abilities at the time. So I got some help from my brother-in-law who knew a thing or two about DIY projects. In the photo above you can see the straight hole for the switch to go through. My bro-in-law had a great idea how to get this done:

  1. drill two small holes (the width you want the selector-switch-hole to be) to mark the start and finish of the hole, and then another in the middle.
  2. Using a wood chisel, gently carve out the space between the small drill-holes made.

I owe that step to him!

I’d love to hear if anyone has any other suggestions for this job.


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