Step by Step Guitar Build 5 – Attaching the Neck

IMG_0274  IMG_0520

You can see just how impractical the neck joint was in the first picture. When I was first designing this, it completely slipped my mind that I wouldn’t be able to access the higher frets because of how bulky it was.

For this step I had to decide how far up the neck the outer walls of the neck socket would go. I ended up shortening it until only the 17th fret on the top and 19th fret on the lower bit so I can reach those high notes.

To do this, I first shortened the length of the whole pocket with a jigsaw.

I then got rid of the sides of the neck pocket and narrowed the base of the neck pocket in one go by using the jigsaw to cut in along the neck pocket (you can see that the base of the neck pocket is only as wide as the neck is. I had marked how far up I wanted the sides to go, and then used the jigsaw to shape the ends. You can see that the sides of the neck pocket curve in and are rounded off.

IMG_0519  IMG_0521

I was then ready to bolt on the neck. Now, the neck I bought from the guitar luthier in Denmark Street (who sold me a faulty neck and lied to me, saying there was nothing wrong with it) had the holes pre-drilled into the neck for where the screw go, but they weren’t lined up. I now know that this can easily be fixed – just fill the holes with toothpicks covered in wood glue, let it dry, then sand off to flatten the surface. This way the holes get filled and you can drill in new ones.

I didn’t know that at the time, so I just left it and this was the result:

IMG_0524  IMG_0527

I was happy with it though. It did the job and I like the look of the individual screws rather than having a neck-plate. The neck lined up perfectly too, as you can see in the photo below.



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