Step by Step Guitar Build 6 – input socket and drilling tunnels for wires

I knew from the start that I didn’t want a pickguard on this guitar. This meant that I couldn’t just route out tunnels using the router on the surface of the guitar and the cover it with a pickguard, like some Teles, SGs and Strats do.

What I wanted was to have the wires pass through tunnels from between the pickup cavities and into the electronics pocket.

I picked up a great tip online to do this:

  • Using an electric/handheld drill, find a long drill piece, not too wide though, and drill from the neck pocket going the direction of the pickups. This should great a tunnel connected each of the pickup cavities for the wires to pass through, and the hole in the neck pocket will be covered by the neck.
  • Then drill a hole from the electrics cavity at the back going towards the bridge pickup. This requires a bit of skill to accurately get the angle you need to drill in. Just take your time with it until you are confident you have mapped out exactly where to drill.

SAM_4328  SAM_4326

You can see how scruffy the electronics cavity is! One day I’ll come back to it to even it all out.

For the input/jack socket, I also used the drill. This time I used a different bit, one which is designed just drill a hole with a specific radius. It looks a bit like a long pole with a pointed spade at the top (worst description ever, I know).

Anyway, here’s the result:


The four screw holes were simply marked with a pencil and then drilled. This was pretty easy. This also needs connected to the electrics socket, so from the electric socket find the right angle and drill a tunnel across.


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