Step by Step Guitar Build 7 – First Stain

So the body is pretty much done. All the holes drilled, routed and ready for staining!

I initially bought two different wood stain colours – red mahogany and a lighter, more yellowy one. I was planning on doing a sunburst, but decided against it and stuck with just the red Mahogany.

I didn’t apply any grain filler or anything onto the wood first, I just sanded it down. Standard procedure here: start with something like 240, then 320 grit. Don’t be in a hurry, take your time sanding out all the little scratches.

Another thing: always wear gloves! Try and avoid finger prints and oily stains where your fingers have touched the wood. They will show up later

Once you’re done sanding and happy with it, depending on the wood your are ready for stain. Some, more porous woods, require some grain filler first. I didn’t know what wood I was using, how porous it was, and even if I did I didn’t even know I would have had to use some filler. So I just went straight in with the stain.

First coat on the back and front:

SAM_4329 IMG_0576

Apply the stain using a cloth and go along the grain.

The difference is colour is just because of the lighting. I did the back and sides first, then once that dried flipped it over and did the front. It is a bit blotchy and nowhere near the colour I wanted, but it is only coat 1…. still needs more sanding and staining and sanding and standing and so on.


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