Month: July 2017

BearWolves EP

2 posts in one day, lucky you. Well, this is a particularly awesome one. My band, BearWolves, have released our first EP.

Have a listen. It’s free to download from

This was recorded using my homemade guitar and the white tele for song 4, Sacrifice.

Hope you enjoy it.


The Green

Alright, so it’s been 9 months since my last post. Quick update with some photos of the Green tele I made for my friend.¬†DSC_8323DSC_8325DSC_8339

Really happy with how this turned out.

Pickups are: Bridge РIrongear Hot Slag & Neck РIrongear Rolling Mill. Both great pickups, and the coil split (or tap?) means you can turn them into single coils. The Hot Slag pickup as a single coil sounds great. A really sharp, aggressive single coil sound. In full humbucker mode it is a powerful pickup. Highly recommend.

I have parted ways with this guitar now. It was a great feeling giving this to a close friend. He really loves it, and I really miss it! He lives abroad so I haven’t seen it since.

Anyway, it has a new home now. One day I’ll see it again.